Dr. Jeffrey Groff,
Associate Professor of Physics,
Chair, Institute of Environmental and Physical Sciences

Telephone: 304-876-5143
Email: jgroff@shepherd.edu
Personal Website: http://webpages.shepherd.edu/jgroff/

B.A. McDaniel College
M.S. The College of William & Mary
Ph.D. The College of William & Mary

Recent Papers:

Groff, J. R., Exploring Dynamical Systems and Chaos Using the Logistic Map Model of Population Change, American Journal of Physics, 2013, 81(10), p725-732.

Groff, J. R., Estimating the Size of Onion Epidermal Cells from Diffraction Patterns, The Physics Teacher, 2012, 50(7), p420-423.

Groff, J.R., DeRemigio, H., Smith, G.D. Markov Chain Models of Ion Channels and Calcium Release Sites (published in Stochastic Methods in Neuroscience), Oxford University Press, 2010, p29-64.